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Your Smart Home Guide

December 30, 2019

Your Smart Home Guide

It’s already a smart decision to buy a new home from Blue Fern, but are you looking to add some high-tech devices to your home to turn it into a smart home? Doing it yourself isn’t hard, and we have your smart home guide right here!

Choose Your Assistant

As the smart home landscape has grown and evolved, there are two major players in the space: Google and Amazon. You’ve heard of Amazon Alexa being able to tell you the weather or set a reminder, but did you know she can also control your smart home? If you prefer to link your Google account with your email, calendar, and contacts with your smart home, the Google Assistant may be the controller for you. Your smart home will revolve around which assistant you choose, so choose wisely!

Over the past few years, both Google and Amazon have purchased smaller smart home tech companies. Most notably, Amazon bought Ring, and Google purchased Nest. So if you find yourself with one of these products, consider using their parent company’s voice assistant.

Wired vs. Wireless

Some builders choose to hardwire data or video wires into their construction, essentially forcing you to place cameras and other pieces of tech where the cables are. By choosing wireless technology, you’re free to move cameras and other smart devices to a location where they’ll work best for you.

Smart Cents

One of the best uses of smart home technology is to save money and energy. Your new Blue Fern home is already 4-star BuiltGreen certified, but that doesn’t mean the energy savings stop there. Utilizing smart thermostats can help you save money as they sense when you’re home and when you’re away.

Linking your lights and lamps to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can help you set different scenes for movies, dinner, or even shut off when you leave home. Phillips Hue, Lifx, and Yeelights all have smart options that integrate with your home. 

Stay Smart. Stay Safe.

What is often cited as the most significant reason homeowners opt for smart technology is safety. Cameras and security systems allow you to monitor your home even if you’re away. Homeowners can also go a step further and have their home monitored by a professional monitoring service like Brinks.

Ring has made the video doorbell synonymous with smart home technology. It’s an essential piece of your smart security system, especially as areas of Seattle to undergo significant changes.

The Sky’s the Limit

Exactly how smart you want your smart home to be is limited only by your imagination! You can utilize a few essential products to save on energy costs and security monitoring, or you can program your home to react to your every movement. 

For inspiration and reviews on what tech devices might be right for your home, check out Tom’s Hardware, CNET, or your favorite technology website.

Seattle is one of the most tech-friendly cities in the country. As Seattle grows, we’re growing with it. We’re building new townhomes at 1st Ave in Shoreline next to the planned 185th light rail station and in Hillman City. Our townhomes at 42nd Ave, next to the Othello light rail station, are available now! Contact Olivia to schedule a tour!

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