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Two-car garages aren’t just for two-car families

July 30, 2021

Two-car garages aren’t just for two-car families

Blue Fern aims to build stylish, modern townhomes that take the needs and wants of today’s homeowners into consideration. An attached garage is a huge draw for many Seattle-area residents, especially those in townhomes. For our newest community in Shoreline’s Echo Lake neighborhood, Meridian East, we went above and beyond with this request by building attached two-car garages in every home. 

Now for families with two cars to store, this is great news—but what if you’re a one-car family? There’s no need to go out and buy a second vehicle just to take up the space in your spacious garage. Instead, Blue Fern suggests using the area as a flex space that fulfills another need for homeowners. Read on to gain inspiration on ways to make a two-car garage work for you. 

Have a spot for your hobbies

Have a hobby you’re passionate about? Whether you’ve been into it for years or just picked it up during lockdown, having additional space to perfect your craft is ideal. Put in a workspace that works for you—whether it’s a workbench for woodworking, a drafting table for intricate drawings, an easel for painting or a pottery wheel for throwing your next masterpiece. Install the appropriate storage for the materials needed to keep everything close. You’re also much more likely to stick with a hobby or indulge in your passion when you’re forced to walk by it every time you park your car. 


Cancel that gym membership 

After a year of working out at home, you might not ever want to return to your old gym or fitness studio. Luckily, there’s plenty of space in a Meridian East garage to create your ideal home gym, even alongside a car. Whether you want to focus on strength, cardio or a mix of both, here’s a few tips to building a home gym tailored to your needs right inside your garage. 

Cardio equipment, like a stationary bike or treadmill, have become increasingly popular over the years. While there’s plenty of expensive options available, standard ones will work just fine. To clear up space when you’re not using, consider purchasing a version that folds up to stow away. A dumbbell set can be as minimal or extensive as you want—start with just a few or buy the whole range. A weight bench and even a half rack can also be added in to reach your fitness goals. Garage flooring can be hard on joints, but rubber flooring or an exercise mat can help. 

Store the extras just within reach

For a super practical option, use the spare spot in your two-car garage for highly organized storage. Storage solutions can be customized to meet every type of need and store almost any type of item. Bins, shelving systems, hanging racks and more will hold plenty of items that don’t need to take up space in your townhome. Avid cyclists can store their bikes safely before hitting the nearby routes, like Boeing Creek Trail and Interurban Trail. Winter recreational items like snowboards and skis can also be tucked away until your next trip to the slopes, and you can keep a kayak close by for your next outing on the water. 

Make the most of your two-car garage 

For a new-construction townhome with a spacious two-car garage, look no further than Meridian East Townhomes in Shoreline’s Echo Lake neighborhood. With over 1,650 square feet of open living space, walking distance to neighborhood amenities and in the top-rated Shoreline School District, there’s so much to love about Blue Fern’s newest community. 

You’ll have to act fast to snag one of the nine units because two have already sold —call (206) 319-9681 to schedule a visit today.