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Sustainability is key in Shoreline

June 26, 2020

Sustainability is key in Shoreline

Sustainability is key in Shoreline and that sentiment touches everything from the air you breathe to the water you use in your Blue Fern home and even the way you move around the city. 

Like many Seattle suburbs, Shoreline offers more than just a safe and comfortable home. It provides residents with a chance to embrace the breathtaking environment around them through expansive parks with playgrounds and nature trails to keep the whole family active and engaged. 

Where is Shoreline?

In 1944, the name Shoreline was used for the first time to define the school district that served the area. It is a string of coastal towns measuring 11.7 square miles from city line to county line and from the shore of Puget Sound and to the shore of Lake Washington. 

Shoreline is comprised of 14 different neighborhoods: Ballinger, Briarcrest, Christa Ministries, Echo Lake, Fircrest, Highland Terrace, Hillwood, Innis Arden, Meridian Park, North City, Parkwood, Richmond Beach, Richmond Highlands, Ridgecrest, Seattle Golf Club, Shoreline Community College, The Highlands and the Westminster Triangle. 

Residents of Shoreline will enjoy an easy commute to Seattle by E-Line or Metro bus as well as a short walk to Starbucks, Bartell Drugs, Interurban Trail and Cromwell Park. students will attend the highly-rated Shoreline School District.

A deeper dive into the numbers

Shoreline itself boasts 475 acres of parkland for recreation and is planning to increase that in the next decade. This will take careful habitat restoration and will improve water quality too as the city works to clean Lake Washington and Puget Sound. The city of Shoreline is also dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a 30 percent decrease for city operations since 2009 and a goal for zero net emissions by 2030. 

The city of Shoreline outlines these achievements in five core focus areas: 

  • Climate, Water & Energy
  • Materials, Food & Waste
  • Transportation & Mobility
  • Trees, Parks & Ecosystems
  • Resilient Communities

Shoreline has already met two of its goals with customers of Seattle City Light installing 1,520 kW of solar energy by the end of 2019 and a 35 percent increase in certified green commercial space.

The next step is reducing waste and recycling more and Shoreline residents are already making a big difference with 60 percent diversion of waste in 2016 despite a growing population. Shoreline provides recycling at no additional cost with solid waste collection. 

The city has also prioritized transportation offering a quick and convenient commute to downtown Seattle by car, bike or public transportation. Shoreline aims to have more than a third of residents living within a 10-minute walk of a light rail station in the coming years.

Blue Fern contributes to this sustainable development with 4-Star Built Green design. Every new home we build offers built-in energy cost savings and a lower carbon footprint from the start. 

A city for the arts

In addition to the natural beauty that surrounds you in Shoreline, local artists have made a point to add their own special flair to the city too. 

This effort is part of the 1% for Art program which has funded public art in the city since 2002 with more than 25 permanent installments. These works range from conceptual installations, banners, murals, utility box wraps and more. 

This starts with Voices in the Forest, which is a collection of poetry inspired by the city and the feelings it evokes to residents and visitors alike. Each poem is displayed on custom-fabricated signposts that blend into their environment and enhance the experience with spoken versions of each work in multiple languages for Shoreline’s diverse population. These are scattered between Boeing Creek Park, Hamlin Park, North City Park and the Paramount Open Space. 

Groundswell is another outdoor collection meant to foster new interpretations of art and nature in urban spaces with large-scale installations. Each takes its own angle with “Balloons” in Hillwood Park, Kait Rhoads’ Wandering Diatoms Installation in Rotary Park Tree Canopy and  Will Schlough’s “Restoration.” 

Where to live in Shoreline

Blue Fern builds in two new communities in Shoreline giving you options to invest in this rapidly-growing community. Blue Fern’s two communities are located just blocks away from each other and feed into the future 185th Terminal in the northeast corner. 

The 1st Avenue Townhomes and is already sold out, which made it an easy decision to build again in Shoreline. 

The Cromwell Crossing Townhomes are up next and they will be located in Shoreline’s Echo Lake neighborhood. This complex includes seven homes ranging from 1,549 to 1,583 square feet with three bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathroom and a two-car garage. The first floor includes a garage, entryway and easily accessible utility room. The second serves as the heart of the home with the kitchen, dining and living room open for entertaining. The master suite and secondary bedroom make up the third floor with an additional bedroom or den topping the home on the fourth with an extra room for storage. 

Three more upcoming communities will offer further options in the coming months. Townhomes in Meridian East, Meridian West and Medrona Townhomes will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

If you are ready to call Shoreline home, reach out to Olivia at (206) 319-9681 or fill out this form to set up an appointment.

With the current pandemic, Blue Fern is taking careful steps to protect the health and safety of our customers and team members. We have intensified the cleaning protocol in our homes and offices, and we're limiting showings to private, in-person tours. Virtual home tours are always available, too. Head to our blog to read more on the best ways to manage during this pandemic.