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Selling Your Seattle Property to Blue Fern Homes is Really as Easy as ABC

June 12, 2019

Selling Your Seattle Property to Blue Fern Homes is Really as Easy as ABC

If you have buildable property in the greater Seattle metro, we’d like to see it. Blue Fern Homes is a local builder, committed to building sustainable homes in the area, and we’re looking for the right land. To help things along, we’ve simplified the process. Selling your Seattle property to Blue Fern Homes is really as easy as “ABC”.

A = Access

We’d like to learn about you and the land you’re planning to sell. What are your thoughts about its possible use? What type of builder are you hoping to choose as the one buy your land and develop it? Let’s get together for coffee and have a friendly conversation. You’ll find we’re not at all pushy. No tough sells. There are a lot of moving parts that can affect an offer, so we want to communicate openly.

Next, we’ll take a look at your property to see how it works with the Blue Fern Homes’ vision. We’ll determine its “buildability”, looking for any challenges in terms of permits, site preparation, accessibility, parking, and design.

B = Buy

When we decide your land is the right fit for Blue Fern, we submit an offer to you that takes into account what is important to you. You’ll receive a letter of intent (LOI) that clearly details every aspect of making this purchase, including the price we’re offering, a timeline for closing on the sale, and earnest money to be provided to you.

C = Close

When all the details are worked out, you’ll receive a signed purchase-and-sale agreement from Blue Fern Homes in just a few days. 

It’s important to understand that Blue Fern is not a “flipper.” We won’t turn around and re-sell your land for a quick profit. We are earnestly looking to build quality, energy-efficient homes that provide the desirable Seattle lifestyle.

Take a look at the single-family homes and townhomes we’ve built in Seattle—in Queen Anne, Eastlake, and Ballard. Then contact us to discuss the land you’re ready to sell.

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With the current pandemic, Blue Fern is taking careful steps to protect the health and safety of our customers and team members. We have intensified the cleaning protocol in our homes and offices, and we're limiting showings to private, in-person tours. Virtual home tours are always available, too. Head to our blog to read more on the best ways to manage during this pandemic.