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Modern townhomes make the perfect blank slate to showcase your style

December 21, 2020

Modern townhomes make the perfect blank slate to showcase your style

Blue Fern was founded on the principle of delivering high-quality homes through thoughtful layouts, desirable locations, and built green features. While we aim to include finishes and styles that match today’s housing trends and the needs of our customers, we also like to design our homes with contemporary—yet timeless—features and color palettes in mind. That way, Blue Fern homeowners are able to really infuse their personal styles into the space. Stephanie Walsh, of Stephanie Walsh Design, is the expert we trust to stage Blue Fern’s model homes. She provided some expert advice to help customers make their houses really feel like home. 

You don’t have to stick to one style 

When it comes to interior design, one of the biggest mistakes is forcing yourself to stick to only one style or aesthetic throughout your home. Not only do Blue Fern’s three- or four-story homes help you separate space and allow for a different vibe on every floor if desired, but Stephanie said she encourages the mixing of styles, color families and materials in the same space.

Industrial or modern elements can be made more welcoming and cozy with antique wood furniture pieces, colorful rugs and rich fabrics. More traditional rooms can be slightly modernized with clean lines, glass and metal materials or geometric accent pieces. Spice up your farmhouse-style room with bohemian accents like warm woods, macrame wall hangings and oversized live plants. 

No matter what aesthetic you’re going for, Blue Fern’s careful selection of finishes will complement the space and welcome any style.

Color can be minimized or maximized

Although cooler, neutral tones like greys, beiges and white have been the most popular decorating option as of late, Stephanie is seeing an influx of brighter and bolder colors throughout the homes she works on. People are starting to lean into rich colors and jewel tones, like darker shades of teal and green, rust and bronzed yellows. A driver of this increase in color is the fact that some ‘70s and ‘80s trends are making a comeback with asymmetrical design, funky patterns, curved lines and textured fabrics. Stephanie sees this as an exciting change, and hopes homeowners will embrace these fun and funky colors. 

But if you prefer a more classic-meets-contemporary palette, there’s plenty of ways to make your living space just as exciting. Mixed materials—like metal, glass and wood—add a lot of visual interest without going overboard on color. Stephanie also suggests adding unique art, textured fabrics and interesting yet functional furniture pieces to cater the space to your vision and style.  

The amount of color incorporated into your home isn’t a permanent decision, either. Art can be moved around until it finds the perfect spot, furniture can be recovered and peel-and-stick wallpaper gives you the option to add color directly to the walls without making a long-term commitment. If you want to start a little safer before swapping some pieces out for trendy or bright hues, your Blue Fern townhome’s neutral palette won’t get in the way of your creativity. 

Work with the features of your townhome 

With Blue Fern’s excellent take on clean and modern design, plenty of features are included that can be used as a focal point for your style inspiration. Stephanie mentioned that curtains are a great way to add warmth, color and texture to a room—and with an abundance of large, tall windows, you can take this tip into every room of your Blue Fern townhome. Open main floors and tall ceilings allow for large and unique art pieces, decor or furniture throughout. Vertical townhome living means lots of stairs, and stairwells can be made their own focal point with a pop of color from wallpaper or paint. 

Find your dream Seattle-area home

If you’re in the market for a new-construction home to put your personal spin on, Blue Fern has beautiful three- and four-bedroom modern townhomes available now in the Seattle area. Browse our photo gallery and contact us today to set up a tour.