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Making the most of your outdoor living space

May 3, 2021

Making the most of your outdoor living space

This past year, house hunters have shifted their priorities when it comes to what features they need to be sold on a home. According to an online poll, 40 percent of respondents have changed the features they hope to find in a home because of the pandemic. One of the most sought-after amenities, as more people spend their downtime at home, is ample outdoor living space. 

Blue Fern Homes has always recognized the appeal of outdoor spaces, which is why we include them as often as possible in our Seattle-area townhome communities. Whether it’s a small yard on the ground floor or a rooftop patio with stellar views, residents are always excited for the opportunity to spend time outside. Stephanie Walsh, of Stephanie Walsh Design, provided a few tips on how to create the perfect outdoor space to spend time with family and friends. 

Make it an all-season space 

It’s pretty easy to enjoy your outdoor space during late spring and summer, but we all know Seattle’s weather can be a little temperamental in the fall and winter. Stephanie suggests investing in a few useful items that can help make it more of an all-season space. 

Large umbrellas or pergola-style fabric covers can offer protection from both the sun and rain. 

Prioritize comfortable seating 

What’s the point of an outdoor living space if it’s not comfortable to spend time in it? Stephanie emphasized the importance of smart seating choices to help make the area more inviting and functional. 

If you have the space for it, as you would on one of Blue Fern’s rooftop patio, Stephanie suggests having two different seating arrangements. For the first, a lounge area with a couch and one or two chairs—perfect for relaxing in the sun or gathering with guests. The second seating set-up should be an outdoor table with chairs around it. Whether you choose a dining set or a more casual style, like a coffee table and more lounge chairs, it creates the perfect place to host a meal or play board games. 

When it comes to the furniture itself, make sure it’s made with durable, waterproof materials to last through rainy Seattle days. Wicker and metal furniture are both popular options, but choose what works best with your personal style. 

Don’t forget finishing touches 

Just like the interior of your home, outdoor living spaces can really come together with thoughtful finishing touches and accent pieces. Incorporate colorful ceramic pots, outdoor-safe throw pillows, metal art pieces and more. Greenery and plants are a great way to bring even more life to your outdoor space—and once you’ve gotten the hang of those, a raised planter for a rooftop urban garden can become a fun and sustainable new hobby. 

For desirable outdoor living spaces and timeless yet trendy interiors in the greater Seattle area, Blue Fern Homes is the go-to builder. Contact us today via online form or call (206) 319-9681 to learn more about our upcoming communities or schedule a tour of one of our currently available homes.