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Make Your Kitchen Even More Functional

December 29, 2021

Make Your Kitchen Even More Functional

Kitchens can make or break how homeowners really feel about where they live. As the heart of the home, it’s not just important for kitchens to be beautifully designed—they have to be designed with functionality in mind, as well. Read on to see how certain features in Blue Fern townhomes make kitchens more functional, as well as some additional ideas that can take your contemporary kitchen to the next level. 

Find an organization system that works for you

Many of the kitchens in Blue Fern townhomes feature large pantries, a sought-after feature that automatically makes a kitchen more functional. Pantries are the perfect place to store dry goods, kitchen appliances and specialty items that you don’t use often. But to really maximize the space that a larger pantry provides, find an organization system that really speaks to your and your needs. 

Have lots of bulk ingredients? Matching labeled containers not only look great, but also give a better visual so you always know what you have in stock. Same goes for snacks, which can be taken out of their boxes and placed in clear bins for easy access. 

Place food at eye level, store kitchen appliances on the ground or lowest level of shelving and label boxes for specialty items like pie plates, cookie cutters and more on the top shelf. 

Store items near usage locations

One of the easiest ways to add functionality to your kitchen is to consider where exactly you store specific items. For example, your spice drawer or rack is probably best right by the stove—providing easy access while cooking your favorite recipes. If you like to start every morning with a smoothie but don’t want a blender cluttering up the counter, the cabinet closest to the fridge and freezer will make your breakfast or post-workout routine a breeze. Additionally, keeping plates, cups and cutlery near your dishwasher will make the chore of loading and unloading a lot more convenient. 

Keep clutter off the counters

When you have a better system for storage in your kitchen, it’s easier to keep clutter off of your valuable counter space. While toasters might be a common appliance to keep on your counter, it definitely doesn’t have to go there. Remembering the principle of keeping items stored near their usage locations, toasters can easily be placed in a cabinet when not in use. Most Blue Fern townhomes feature built-in microwaves in the upper or lower cabinets of the kitchen, creating even more space for food prep on the counters. 

Finding your functional kitchen

Whether you already own a Blue Fern townhome or hope to in the future, know that our team aims to design floor plans that maximize every square foot of our multi-story homes. This includes creating a kitchen that feels larger than it is and offers smart storage solutions, high-quality finishes and the energy-efficient appliances today’s homeowners are longing for. 

To learn more about the townhomes we build throughout the greater Seattle area, check out our past projects and photo galleries. Stay in the know on upcoming projects by subscribing to the Blue List, where you’ll be the first to know about new communities and Blue Fern Homes in general. 

For more information,  contact us online or give us a call at (206) 319-9681. 

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