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Hey, First-Time Buyer! Here Are Some Helpful Home Maintenance Tips

November 18, 2019

Hey, First-Time Buyer! Here Are Some Helpful Home Maintenance Tips

Hey, first-time buyer! You did it. You went from renting to owning your very first townhome. But now you have a very different type of responsibility. To help you out, here are some helpful home maintenance tips from Blue Fern Homes.

Sure, the perks of renting can be attractive. When there’s a minor to major issue, you just called the leasing office or your landlord. No extra cost to you and they did the dirty work. Sounds nice, right? But on the flipside, when you’re renting, the money you pay each month is as good as flushing money down the drain.

While you’ll have to change your own air filter or shovel snow, you’re your own Home Maintenance Manager nowa task that can be quite rewarding. So, take care of one of your first major investments and complete our home maintenance checklist for first-time homebuyers.

Protect your detectors

Any fuel-burning device can produce various levels of CO gas. Sometimes those levels can be dangerous. Make it a practice to have functioning carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home and ensure they are working throughout the year. Conveniently, these detectors will beep when the batteries are low, so be sure to keep new batteries on hand and change them when appropriate. 

Examples of carbon monoxide-producing devices commonly used in a home:

  • Charcoal grills
  • Fireplaces and woodstoves
  • Fuel fired furnaces (non-electric)
  • Gas dryers
  • Gas stoves
  • Gas water heaters

With the holiday season creeping around the corner, you might be doing more cooking with a gas stove, so you’ll really want to ensure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are top-notch.

Change HVAC air filter

Don’t forget you have to change the air filter! It’s a simple and affordable home maintenance tip that improves the longevity of your HVAC. Not changing the filter will make it harder for the unit to filter out dust, contaminants, and allergens. Plus it could result in costly repairs.

Depending on the quality of your air filter, you’ll want to change it (or at least check on it) every 30 days. High-end filters can go as long as 6 months before replacing.

Double-Check Extinguishers

Grease fires can be tricky because water won’t do the trick - in fact, water will make the problem worse! Whenever accidents happen in the kitchen, reach for a fire extinguisher. You usually don’t think about these priceless protectors because they are generally out-of-sight. Make sure your extinguisher is properly charged and ready to go by making sure the arrow on the pressure gauge is in the green.

Look for Leaks

Water damage is no joke and can end up ruining everything it touches if you’re not careful. A little due diligence can help stop problems before they start. Double-check areas around your home that can be prone to water leaks, like under the toilet, bathroom vanities, and in the kitchen.

Keep Your Carpet Clean

Over time, the color of your carpeted services (including rugs) can lose their luster over time. Give all of your carpets a thorough cleaning once a month and consider a professional cleaning once a year to avoid nasty build-up and keep your carpets in tip-top shape.


A Blue Fern townhome is backed by a comprehensive 2-10 Homebuyer’s Warranty, which covers electrical, plumbing, and mechanical issues for 2 years from the date of your closing. Our townhomes are also covered by a 1-Year Workmanship Warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. These warranties, along with our energy-efficient BuiltGreen certification, give you confidence in the inner workings and structural integrity of your new construction home. And, when paired with our home maintenance tips, your home will continue to be happy and healthy in the long run. 

Own the idea of a new townhome! When you’re ready to make the switch from renting to owning, discover Blue Fern Homes. We have move-in ready homes for sale, with high walkability scores, in sought-after neighborhoods throughout the Seattle and Shoreline areas.

With the current pandemic, Blue Fern is taking careful steps to protect the health and safety of our customers and team members. We have intensified the cleaning protocol in our homes and offices, and we're limiting showings to private, in-person tours. Virtual home tours are always available, too. Head to our blog to read more on the best ways to manage during this pandemic.