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Getting ready for school

August 3, 2020

Getting ready for school

The upcoming school year will be filled with uncertainty for kids, parents and educators alike. Whether your school district has made the decision to hold classes in person, online or a combination of the two, circumstances can change overnight. 

One of the best ways parents can help alleviate some stress for their children (and themselves) is by preparing a conducive learning environment at home. While that’s easier said than done, we’ve compiled a few tips to help parents lay the groundwork for a successful back-to-school season. 

Designate a space

Finding the optimal area in your home is the first step in creating a productive remote-learning space. Every family’s situation is different, so it’s imperative that you take your specific needs into consideration. 

If you have multiple kids who aren’t easily distracted, it might be best to have them all in one spare bedroom, basement or other multipurpose space. If they would thrive better with alone time, perhaps their own desks in their bedrooms would do the trick. Shared spaces like living and dining rooms are also viable options, so long as there are clear expectations as to what activities are allowed during “school hours” and what can wait until later in the day. 

Also, if parents will be working from home, make sure the setup works for both the children and adults in the home. If your kids are younger and need more supervision, their own corner in your designated home office might be the best bet. 

Short on space? Here are a few places in your home you might not have considered:  

  • Low-traffic hallway
  • Underused closet 
  • Small alcove or corner 

Set them up for success 

Once you decide where the kids should work from, it’s time to focus on equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in a virtual learning environment. 

Make sure the desk or table is the adequate size for your child. If they’ll be sitting for hours a day, it’s important that they stay comfortable. If a desk won’t fit in the space or your budget, floating shelves can do the trick—and be installed at any suitable height. Multiple levels of shelving can also provide the storage space needed to keep the area looking tidy. 

A proper desk chair is preferred, but any chair, bench or stool can be made more comfortable with an affixed cushion. Exercise or stability balls have also been proved to increase focus and improve overall behavior. 

Technology is key to an e-learning environment. Whether your child’s laptop, tablet or computer is provided by the school or you, make sure you have the right accessories on hand. Chargers, a wireless mouse, headphones and smart pencils can all come in handy during the upcoming school year. 

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