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Bring the outdoors into your townhome

September 9, 2021

Bring the outdoors into your townhome

One of the best things about living in Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest in general, is the abundance of natural beauty. The water, mountains and forests all add to the appeal—so when cold and rainy weather comes around, it’s easy to miss the great outdoors. However, houseplants are a great way to bring more life into your living space. Blue Fern Homes has a few suggestions to help you get started. 

Best beginner plants

Houseplants are a trendy addition to your interior that not only look great, but aid in purifying the air in a natural way. There’s a few factors that go into choosing the right indoor plants for your space, but the most important to consider is access to sunlight. 

Most plants you find at the store will be labeled for low light, medium light or bright light. Low light plants survive with no direct sunlight, so you can place your plant a good distance from the window or in a windowless bathroom. Medium light plants do well when there is a barrier, like a curtain or space between the plant and window. Bright light means there should be no barrier between the plant and light, so they can be placed directly in front of windows. 

Blue Fern townhomes are designed to emit plenty of natural light, thanks to the inclusion of large, energy-efficient windows. Curious as to which plants will work best in your space? Some great low light plant options are of the Sansevieria variety—known more commonly as snake plants. This is a great beginner plant because they are very low maintenance and don’t require much water. They do best when you leave them be, and can even survive in dark corners of the home. Another great low light plant is the pothos plant, which will reward you with long, trailing vines when it’s left alone to grow. Ferns and anthuriums are perfect medium light plants—but for bright areas with an abundance of natural light try aloe vera or cacti.

Indoor herb garden

Herbs and spices are perhaps one of the most important components of cooking, and there’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh herbs in a meal. Start an herb garden from the comfort of your home, in a small planter with enough space for the roots to flourish. You can buy your own seedlings and planter, or find a pre-seeded herb garden online or at your local nursery. The planter can be placed on the kitchen counter, in a windowsill, on a table or shelf—anywhere that will offer direct sunlight. Basil, mint, oregano, cilantro and parsley are the easiest herbs to grow and are sure to add a fresh and flavorful touch to your next meal. 

Liven up your home this winter

With energy efficiency features in every Blue Fern community, your home will always foster a healthy and relaxing environment—but the addition of plants will add another layer of life to your home. Houseplants and gardens can be especially beneficial during winter, when the time indoors can make you long for time outside. 

If you’re looking for a new home with lots of natural light, Blue Fern Homes has upcoming inventory available for purchase—meaning you can secure your modern, Seattle-area townhome before winter arrives. Meridian East and Madrona Townhomes, both in Shoreline, offer the functional layouts, high-quality finishes and sought-after features that today’s homeowners are looking for. To schedule a tour or learn more about Blue Fern, give us a call at (206) 319-9681 or contact us online