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Blue Fern’s Guide to Living With Pets in a Townhome

February 22, 2021

Blue Fern’s Guide to Living With Pets in a Townhome

Over 67% of homes in the US are home to more than just humans. And, more and more homebuyers are putting their pet’s accommodations first when making their next home purchase. At Blue Fern, we love our pets, and a new townhome from Blue Fern makes an excellent home for your furry friends. So we put together a simple guide to pet ownership in a new townhome.

Coming From An Apartment

First-time homeowners coming from an apartment will quickly find a townhome that offers a welcome relief to common obstacles pet owners in apartments commonly face.

For starters, owning your own home means no more pet deposits or monthly pet fees tacked onto your rent. So not only are you building equity in your home, but you’re also saving money month-to-month on essential pet ownership.

Our multi-level townhomes are not only spacious for homeowners, allowing owners to organize their space in a way that works for their life; it means no longer taking an elevator down to the first floor or walking down six or seven outdoor staircases to bring your pets outside.

And finally, with a new townhome in Seattle, you’re free to take home whatever dog steals your heart at our local shelters with no weight or breed restrictions that apartments often impose. 

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

One of the most critical considerations for homebuyers with pets is where to take their pets to enjoy the outdoors. There are a ton of options for your pup at Meridian West and Meridian East (coming soon).

Shoreline offers three off-leash areas for dogs. Eastside Off-Leash Area is located at 1902 NE 150th St, Shoreline, WA 98155, right next to South Woods Park and Shorecrest High School - and just three miles from Meridian West and Meridian East. Shoreview Park Off-Leash Area is just 2.6 miles away from Meridian West and East. It is located in the beautiful Shoreview Park area. Shoreview is a lovely green space that features soccer fields, baseball and softball fields, a playground, restrooms, and of course—the off-leash dog park! Finally, an off-leash area in Shoreline wouldn’t be complete without a location on the shore. Richmond Beach Off-Leash Area is just 2.8 miles away from Meridian West and East. It allows you and your dog(s) to enjoy the calming ambiance of Puget Sound.

But if you are looking for a place to take your dog on a nice run or walk, well, then Shoreline has you covered there as well. The Interurban Trail runs through the heart of Shoreline, and is right outside your door at just half a mile away. Even though it’s a little farther from Echo Lake (about a 15-minute drive), the Burke-Gilman Trail offers breathtaking Pontiac Bay views. Getting out and stretching your legs is easy in Shoreline, with multiple trails and off-leash areas within 5 miles. Of course, you can always just walk or run on the sidewalks of Echo Lake.

Adding A Four-Legged Friend to Your Family

If you’ve been waiting to adopt a pet to join you in your new townhome, there are few tips to help them get acclimated to your townhome.

  1. Choose the right breed. If you consider yourself a home-body, it may be wise to choose a smaller dog, or one that doesn’t require a lot of exercise. 
  2. Utilize technology to keep track of your dog. At-home pet cameras are great for checking in on your pets while you’re away.
  3. Establish a relief routine. Pets, just like us, are creatures of habit. Getting into a routine when your dog needs to go outside is a great way to keep unnecessary trips outside to a minimum, especially during the rainy seasons.
  4. Keep your pets busy while you’re away. Not only does this help keep the noise down, but it helps keep your pet occupied. Try hiding treats around the apartment or buying a toy that your pet has to work to receive goodies.
  5. Keep your home clean. Keeping your home neat and tidy can help eliminate some nasty surprises of chewed shoes.

Choosing the Right Townhome

New townhomes are available at Meridian West and will be available soon at Meridian East. And with so many walkable trails and off-leash areas, there are so many opportunities for you and your pets to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

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