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Blue Fern Homes is Aiding Food Lifeline’s Mission to End Hunger

July 23, 2019

Blue Fern Homes is Aiding Food Lifeline’s Mission to End Hunger

Food Lifeline is on a mission to provide healthy food to people in Western Washington. The non-profit organization is working tirelessly to provide low-income households and homeless people with nutritious meals, while also reducing the incredible food waste that happens across our country. We all agreed that they need some help, so  Blue Fern Homes is aiding Food Lifeline’s mission to end hunger in our area.

Almost 40% of the food produced in the U.S. goes to waste, going to landfills instead of hungry people. Rather than throwing it away, we need to divert healthy food to resources that can get it to people who desperately need it. Food Lifeline is that connection.

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As a local homebuilder, we work with people all around Seattle who have the means to buy a new home. While we’re building them, we see that many more people don’t have this luxury. We take our responsibility to the community very seriously, so we connected with Food Lifeline earlier this year. The organization gathers surplus food from restaurants, grocery stores, manufacturers, and farmers. They then distribute it to more than 300 food banks, shelters, and meal programs throughout Western Washington. With the help of volunteers, this food provides 116,000 meals every day. This includes senior housing agencies, school food programs, and rural locations that are terribly underserved.

Blue Fern Homes makes a donation from every home we sell, funding the equivalent of 4,000 meals. Our goal is to fund 200,000 meals before the year is out. Our team members are also volunteering, giving time to support Food Lifeline’s efforts. 

Other recipients of Blue Fern Homes’ community outreach include Augie’s Quest, raising money and awareness on the way to finding a cure for ALS; Friends of Youth, providing youth with critical guidance to rebuild their lives; and Rainier Scholars, supporting disadvantaged students of color to excel as leaders.   

Please find the initiative that sparks your passion and follow it to the charitable organization that shares that mission. The concept of giving back doesn’t begin to convey what you get when you give.

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